A new statement came from Twitter after the incident that happened the previous day. The social media giant announced that the attackers targeted 130 accounts.

A new announcement was made on Twitter about the capture of some famous names in the world day by day. “We are taking hard steps to secure our systems,” the statement said, in which the attackers’ target was about 130 accounts, but they were able to capture very few of them.

The statement made on Twitter is as follows:

“We want to share more details on the 2nd day of our investigation about the incidents.

To the best of our knowledge, the attack was about 130 accounts. However, the attackers were able to do much less than this number and tweeted from the accounts they captured.

We are in contact with the real owners of the hijacked accounts and we will continue to work that way. We continue to evaluate whether confidential data that is not publicly available about these accounts has been compromised, and we will update if we determine that it has occurred.

Downloading your Twitter data is still disabled, as the investigation is still ongoing.

In addition, we are taking firm steps to secure our systems as our research continues. We are also in the process of evaluating the long-term steps we can take and will share more details as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the investigation. When we have more information, we will continue to inform. ”


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