The documentary series ‘Tiger King’ has been one of Netflix’s greatest hits in 2020, so the platform did not hesitate to quickly launch a special episode. However, the company believes it can continue to squeeze its new goose for the golden eggs and has ordered a second season.

Of course, this second part of ‘Tiger King’ will leave aside the singular Joe Exotic to focus on the trainers and illusionists Siegfried and Roy, the second being especially popular for having been attacked by a tiger in 2003. In addition, it has been the sad recently starred in several headlines for his death from complications with the coronavirus.

Behind her will be the production company Goode Films with directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, who were already in charge of the first batch of episodes. It should be noted that the news comes from The Hollywood Reporter and has not yet been confirmed by Netflix.

However, it would be very rare for Netflix not to give the green light to the project without hesitation for a second given the bombshell that was the first season. What is certain is that its success has given rise to other versions of the story, especially a series starring Nicolas Cage in charge of the showrunner of ‘American Vandal’.

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