Scientists from the European Southern Observatory made a new discovery. This discovery reveals a structure that is very similar to the Solar System, 300 light years from Earth. Scientists have found that there are 2 planets orbiting the center star, which is 14 times larger than Jupiter.

Scientists have been working on the vast space we have been in for years. At the beginning of these studies is to determine whether there is extraterrestrial life and whether there are structures like the Solar System. A recent discovery reveals that there are some planets discovered around a Sun-like star. So there is another formation very similar to the Solar System somewhere far from Earth.

Scientists who continue their work within the European Southern Observatory made an important discovery using the telescope “Very Large Telescope” (VLT). In the discovery, it was determined that there is a structure similar to the Solar System. There was a star in this structure and some planets around it, just like in the Solar System. Scientists have managed to photograph such a discovery for the first time.

Here is the area that scientists photographed

Scientists have made dozens of star discoveries to date. Even the planets orbiting around these stars had been encountered before. In addition, experts have recently come across systems with two and more than two planets around a star only twice. However, the structure of the central star in these systems was quite different from the Sun. Experts say that this time the discovery is very similar to the Solar System, and this is an important detail.

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The central star, named TYC 8998-760-1, is 300 light years away from our planet and is 17 million years old. The outer planets in the system, on the other hand, are 160 to 320 times more than their “Sun” distance from Earth. In other words, the distance between the center star and the planets in the upper left of the above image is much more than the distance between the Sun and Saturn or Jupiter.

Scientists conducting research on the star and surrounding planets have determined that TYC 8998-760-1 is 14 times larger than Jupiter’s mass. Also, according to experts, the planets circulating around TYC 8998-760-1 are also very large. Scientists, who made statements about their discovery, state that this structure, which is very similar to the Solar System, is at an early stage of its evolution. So maybe hundreds of millions of years later, this system will become a different formation.


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