Following the rally organized by US President Donald Trump, Trump supporters raided the congress building in the capital Washington DC. There was a clash between the police teams and the demonstrators. A curfew was decided in Washington due to the incident.

As the US Congress met to officially endorse the new president, Trump supporters met at the “Stop Stealing” rally in the capital, Washington DC. Demonstrators entered the Congress building after the rally attended by thousands of Trump supporters.

The demonstrators, who managed to overcome the first police barriers in front of the congress building, entered the congress building, chanting “We want Trump,” “We won”, “Freedom” and “Stop playing”.

Some of the demonstrators were detained by the police. Despite all the efforts of the security forces, the demonstrators managed to break through the second police barricade. Police teams used tear gas and batons to disperse the demonstrators.

According to reports in the US press, it was stated that the building was locked after the events around the Congress building. It was reported that protesters hit the doors of the congress building. According to the news in CNN, the Assembly floor in the congress building has been evacuated.


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