The world economy is suffering a fairly substantial blow due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, but there are some companies that really benefit from the social effects of the disease, and Netflix is ​​one of them.

The Coronavirus outbreak has already caused home quarantines and business closures in other parts of the world, and there is a possibility that the same will happen in areas of the United States in a short time. This will cause people to stay in their homes for long periods of time.

While that hurts the tastes of movie theaters and supermarkets, it seriously helps companies that earn money when users are at home

The stock market experienced a terrible fall this weekend, experiencing the worst sale of Wall Street in nine years, but Netflix shares actually increased 0.8%.

If people are forced to stay at home, it is logical to think that they will be bingeing. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Peloton and Slack are all benefited by potential outbreak according to comicbook.

More streaming platforms are expected to increase their audiences if this epidemic continues to grow exponentially.

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