OPPO was founded in 2004, and until 2008 it offered highly innovative products on audio and Blu-Ray. Later, the manufacturer, which entered the telephone industry in 2008, announced its name in the global market for the first time in 2012 with OPPO Find 5.


The next real leap forward was made in 2014 with OPPO Find 7, which came out with features that were not seen before. Then, for 4 years, the brand did not make a flagship model, and the company’s CEO Tony Chen said, “We expect the technology to develop to make the phone in our minds.” In 2018, we met OPPO Find X, which we believe still came from space. The change has now begun and OPPO seems to offer us more on the innovation side in 2021.

OPPO 2021 Vision Becomes Clear!

Because OPPO showed us the OPPO X 2021 model at the OPPO INNO Day 2020 event held last month. This phone is normally a 6.7-inch phone, but with the screen that can be folded inwards, just like the store screen, the screen of the phone can be extended to 7.4 inches and it can be done in a motorized way. OPPO Vice President Levin Liu says that a completely different experience with the phone will be presented to us.

Users may want to read emails on a 6.7 inch screen, but they want to see their attachments on a larger screen. While it is clear that users want larger screens, especially on the gaming and video side, we estimate that such a design will seriously shape the foldable screen phone market. It is stated that the rear camera structure will have 64 +16 + 12-megapixel three-lenses, while OPPO also states that the 64-megapixel main camera will be a three-dimensional lens. In the front, a 16 megapixel camera will be used. You can see how the phone works in the video below.

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OPPO came out with a completely different foldable phone shortly after the INNO 2020 event ended. OPPO named this phone OPPO Slide Phone, although the name is not yet known. This phone, which is a completely design product, clearly reveals the OPPO 2021 vision. Because OPPO does not want to repeat classic designs in this segment anymore.

When the phone is turned off, it is the size of a credit card and the phone gets longer and longer with 3 different folding structures. When the last phone is fully opened, we see a screen where we can have an excellent gaming experience. Because when you look at the video below, we see that the black spaces on the right and left of the screen are used as gamepads. This means that while playing PUBG, we can now clearly see the entire game area. So how will this phone be? Let’s watch the following video together…

Apparently; OPPO is preparing to raise the bar for 2021, especially in the foldable screen market. OPPO will catch up with those who are tired of the same designs …


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