According to a new study, there is a link between selfie posts on Instagram and the level of happiness. According to the research, people actively sharing selfies on Instagram are happier.

Social media platforms have now become a part of our lives. Of course, it is unlikely that these platforms, which penetrate our daily lives so deeply, have no effect on us. Interesting research results can be revealed about Instagram, which is especially focused on sharing photos.

In one of these studies, it was concluded that people actively sharing selfies on Instagram can get more satisfaction from life. In an article published in the journal Human Behavior and Emerging Techonologies, Julie Mclean, Yeslam Al-Saggaf and Rachel Hogg associated happiness with instant social approval in the form of likes and positive comments.

The effect of social media on human psychology

“Social media technology has become a key influencer of the psychological aspects of human emotions, such as happiness. Previous research had gained mixed findings about the relationship between the use of social networks and happiness,” the study’s authors said.

A total of 373 participants were included in the research, which was introduced on various social media platforms. In the study, where 73% of the respondents were under 25, 22.6% of the responses came from men and 77.1% from women. One participant did not share gender information.

As a result of the research, there is a link between selfie sharing and happiness, which is not found in other shared photos. While more likes and comments to share indicate more happiness, negative comments and less likes do not affect happiness.

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The authors of the research stated that future social media technology developments should strengthen the concept of social reward to increase the level of online interactions with photo sharing.


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