According to a breaking news; The election victory of Joe Biden was officially registered at the joint session of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the USA .

USA Congress, the session, which was suspended due to President Donald Trump supporters raiding the Congress building, continued after the security was restored. Congress in the US, the presidential election Democrat candidate Joe Biden has officially registered the win.

Registration of the results of the state of Vermont at the historic session in the US Congress Joe biden He reached 271 delegates and officially became President.


Thousands of demonstrators marching to the US Congress after the rally in front of the White House tried to enter the building by crossing the barricades in front of the Congress building.

Some demonstrators entered the Senate shortly after the clashes with the police.

The approval session for the Presidential Election Electoral College voting at the Congress was suspended, and Vice President Mike Pence, who presided over the session, and the members of Congress were removed from the building.

On the other hand, US President Trump called on his Twitter account to “restraint” to his supporters who held a demonstration in front of the Congress building.

In the capital Washington, a 12-hour “curfew” was declared as of 18:00 local time due to violence.

Joe Biden, who was elected president of the USA, called for “ending attacks on US democracy and the rule of law”.

“I call on President Trump to take his oath on TV, to defend the Constitution and to demand an end to this siege,” Biden said. he said.

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The crowd began to disperse after Trump asked the demonstrators to go home, and the police responsible for the security of the US Congress announced that the security of the building was secured at around 17.40 local time, about 4 hours later.

Four people died in the events during the raid of the US Congress.


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