Sunday, April 18, 2021

New authentication options of Twitter

Twitter wants to strengthen its account security options by expanding its support for physical security keys to mobile devices. This will allow anyone to use physical security keys to...

Golden Moves On The Way Of First Weekly Earnings In Four Weeks

Gold decreased Friday, as investors preferred to profit from sharp gains in previous sessions as stocks soared. However, forecasts for the new US incentive reinforced the Gold price's appeal...

Gold Is Preparing For A Strong Week

Analyst John Isıge wrote an article today stating that Gold is strongly preparing for the next week. Isıge includes the following statements in his comments. Gold is testing a...

Deezer Announces the Most Streamed Songs of 2020

Deezer, announced in 2020 that the most listened to songs and artists of users worldwide. Located between the world's most popular online music services, Deezer. Moreover, the music service has...

US Media Claims Biden’s Victory In The 2020 Presidential Election

Exceeding 270 Votes, US Media Claims Biden's Victory In The 2020 Presidential Election. Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, Has Been Projected To Win By At Least 7 US...

Sarah McBride becomes first trans person elected to state senate

For the first time in US history, a transgender senator has been elected. Democrats' candidate Sarah McBride, 30, entered the Delaware State Senate, beating Republican rival Steve Washington. McBride, who...

US Election: Which state makes which president?

In the United States, three states will determine the fate of the elections: Which state makes which president? Last minute ... As the election results continue to be announced in...

Emmanuel Macron opens his voice on French attacks

President Emmanuel Macron opens his voice on French attacks: this is Islamic terrorist madness. Macron made it clear that France would not be afraid of acts of terrorism. He...

“We Are Ready to Send Federal Power to Philadelphia”

The events continued on the second day after a black man was shot dead by the police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The White House stated that federal security forces...

Covid-19 infected global markets

Covid-19 infected global markets. Europe has caught its breath and awaits the statements of French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel within a few hours. While it is stated...

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