Monday, April 19, 2021

Microsoft gives priority to emergency services when accessing Azure

COVID-19 | Microsoft gives priority to emergency services when accessing Azure. The Microsoft also is moving to help fight the new coronavirus. Access to the services of Azure, the cloud...

Elon Musk loses $ 15 billion in a single tweet

Elon Musk, which has been integrated with the concept of technology in recent years, has been frequently discussed with the statements made on Twitter, while being criticized by Tesla...

“Take the Virus Seriously” Alert from US Healthcare Authority

One of the top names in the fight against the Corona virus epidemic in the United States. Deborah Birx expressed concerns about Americans not taking the disease seriously, along...

Anonymous supports protests in the US

Anonymous supports protests in the US: "We will expose the policemen". On their official account, cyber activists first report the police violence, then announce an operation to hack the sites...

Thousands of people gathered! Funeral for George Floyd

For the black American George Floyd, who died of police violence in the USA, the second ceremony was held in his birthplace, North Carolina, after the first funeral in...

Trump removes protection granted to ‘LGBT individuals’

In the USA, the Trump administration has made a decision to remove the protections provided to "LGBT individuals" for "no discrimination in the field of health" and to consider...

North Korean liaison office explodes

South Korea announced that a strong response would be given to North Korea, which blew up an inter-Korean liaison office building, making the situation worse. According to the news of...

Watchful for waves after Oaxaca earthquake

The Navy reported that there could be a variation of the tide of up to 113 centimeters, without this implying risk for the population. The Pacific coast of Mexico is...

Kanye West to run for US presidential election

American rapper Kanye West has announced he will run for the presidential elections in the United States. West made the statement with a message he shared on Twitter. In the West's...

Grant Imahara Lost His Life

Grant Imahara, one of the White Rabbit Project servers, one of the popular documentaries of Netflix, died at the age of 49. The legend of Imahara, who was also...

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