Monday, April 19, 2021

Coronavirus could cost millions of losses to the remake of “Mulán”

The next Disney live action remake "Mulán" could face heavy losses amid the outbreak of Coronavirus that began in China. The launch date has been postponed until further notice, and...

Google Maps processes 20 million daily contributions

Google Maps withdrew more than 580,000 reviews and 258,000 business profiles. There are things that one wonders about how Google Maps does to always be up to date. One would...

Analysts say Netflix will benefit from Coronavirus

The world economy is suffering a fairly substantial blow due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, but there are some companies that really benefit from the social effects of...

Significant development for Google Earth

One of Google's most beloved services, Google Earth was only available through Chrome so far. It was not supported by any other browser other than Chrome. However, with the...

Call of Duty: Mobile Runs To Record With Number Of Users

Mobile games have become the most important revenue gateway of the world game industry. So much so that PUBG Mobile, which has been the lover of users for years,...

Elon Musk: You Don’t Need a Diploma to Work at Tesla

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, stated that they did not look at the educational status while recruiting the company, and that they would put the candidates into a compelling coding...

Step Against Misleading Content From Twitter

While the USA was preparing for the presidential elections in 2020, social media companies have been under intense pressure for a while to prevent counterfeit or played content. Twitter...

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Intel Seeks to Master Autonomous Vehicle Technology with Mobileye

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LG XBOOM Go Stands Out With Its Colorful Design

LG XBOOM Go Jellybean series brings the joy of April 23 to the homes with its colorful chirping image and high sound quality. LG Electronics...

What is Dogecoin? What is DOGE? Guide to Dogecoin

What is Dogecoin? Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that got its name from the Doge internet meme, a Shiba Inu dog, and was launched as a...